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Ranking 4th in Microbiology in the 2013 Thomson-Reuters Citation Reports, FEMS Microbiology Reviews publishes invited reviews from leading authors to provide comprehensive and authoritative coverage on key issues in microbiology.


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Thematic Issue: RNA in Bacteria

RNA sequencing approaches in the past decade has highlighted an increase in RNA in bacteria. Read the new Thematic Issue on the subject, guest edited by Emmanuelle Charpentier and Wolfgang R. Hess.

ASM Joint Virtual Issue

A selection of articles have been carefully chosen by the Editors of this journal to mark this year’s ASM Congress in New Orleans. Read these, and selected articles from other prestigious OUP journals, here.

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DNA and RNA interference mechanisms by CRISPR-Cas surveillance complexes
This review details and compares the assembly and the DNA/RNA targeting mechanisms of the various surveillance complexes of prokaryotic CRISPR-Cas immune systems.
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Bacterial versatility requires DEAD-box RNA helicases
Bacterial RNA helicases are almost ubiquitous and have the role to modify RNA–RNA interactions allowing rapid changes in gene expression, thereby contributing to the versatility of bacteria to adapt to and survive in changing environments.
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Small RNAs, 5' UTR elements and RNA-binding proteins in intracellular bacteria: impact on metabolism and virulence
Small RNAs can base-pair target mRNAs, modulate protein activity, mimic other nucleic acids and exert their function in the regulation of a multitude of cellular processes of bacteria, including virulence gene expression in intracellular bacterial pathogens.
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Virtual Issue

Regulation of gene uptake CRISPR
The bacterial adaptive immunity system CRISPR-CAS is one example of a novel and fascinating system. It is involved not only in controlling invasion of foreign DNA but more generally in the control of endogenous gene expression.

To mark the 14th International Conference on Pseudomonas, FEMS has published a Virtual Thematic Issue across four FEMS journals.

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New Editor: Oscar Kuipers

Oscar Kuipers is professor of Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes at the University of Groningen, and  a member of the of the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute. The Molecular Genetics group studies the physiology and gene regulation in Gram-positive bacteria, with a keen eye on biotechnological applications. Major fields of research are on the elucidation of underlying mechanisms leading to heterogeneity in bacterial populations, on food applications and on the development of novel antibiotics. Kuipers studied Biology at Utrecht University and in 1990 gained his PhD in the department of Biochemistry of the same university. After that, he worked at NIZO Food Research in Ede and at the Top Institute for Food and Nutrition in Wageningen.